Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Great Reward is Coming

"I invite all of us to think of all our yesses to the Lord, to make sure we haven't taken anything back. He's worthy of adoration. He's worthy of obedience. He's worthy of following Him...........
People have a choice to make. Will they let go of their darkness and embrace the light, or will they hate the light and embrace the darkness? We want more and more to be transformed by the light of God.

What price could ever be found to buy eternal life? Do we realize what we've been promised by the Lord is precious and very great? It's worth making sacrifices to persevere to the end and stay with Jesus. esus is very, very close to us, and He wants us to be very close to Him.

I recently decided to increase my daily prayer life by fifty percent. Our response should be worship, adoration, praise, and rejoicing. There really is something to rejoice in! The Lord wants us to look forward to what is coming because that's supposed to give us hope for today.

There is sorrow in life, there is suffering. If we just hang in there, and keep on working and keep on serving, a great reward is coming!"

~ Ralph Martin

(Painting is called: The Light of His Love. The Artist is: Yongsung Kim)