Saturday, February 4, 2017

First 10 Things I Would Do If I Was The Pope

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by Fr. Richard Heilman
Pine Bluff, Wisconsin


1) I would start by apologizing to the world. I would explain that the culture of the world changed very fast in the past 70 years, and the well-intentioned Church calculated that it was best change as fast as the world. This was a mistake, and it is still very early on, in terms of salvation history, for us to recalculate and restore. In other words, we must return to what made us strong as Catholics, in order to be strong in facing many of the challenges and persuasive forces of the modern era leading us away from God .

2) I would call the world to prayer - intense prayer ... and fasting. We must pray, first, for vocations to priesthood and religious life, and a restoration of "solid orthodox" Catholic schools. We simply *must* form children early on. I would be very specific on how we will pray and fast.

3) I would start a "Catholic Formation Fund" that would be used to help support religious orders and schools. I would ask Catholics to please consider being very generous to this fund. The fund would help to make "teaching nuns" more affordable to schools, and to make tuition more affordable to families. There would be an "orthodoxy standard" for religious orders and schools in order to be eligible for these funds.

4) I would call upon all dioceses to have as their highest priority the promotion of vocations to priesthood and religious life.

5) I would create a Vatican commission that would put together a simple plan for aiding parents in becoming the primary educators. This would be replete with devotions, sacramentals, lives of the saints ... and all of the beautiful treasures of our faith.

6) I would call all clergy to orthodoxy. Bishops would gather to be trained in how to "police orthodoxy" in their dioceses. Priests who choose to teach heresy and dissent will be removed.

7) I would "purify the liturgy." The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments would go to work to weed out all innovations that occurred since the introduction of the Novus Ordo. There would be "no more options" available in the Mass. This would include all Novus Ordo Masses offered ad oriented from now on. Also, there would be a directive to begin training all clergy to learn and offer the Traditional Latin Mass.

 8) Every parish must offer Eucharistic Adoration with Confession for, at least, three hours every week.

 9) I would call for a "Year of Catechetical Homilies" that would have detailed homilies provided for every priest.

10) I would explain that previous popes rightly believed that Russia had been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but, since the laity were not convinced because of certain wording, I would be very clear, as I Consecrated Russia with very clear wording.

This is where I would start.