Sunday, October 9, 2016

Daughters of the Divine Will

Daughters of the Divine Will (link to website)

Feeling a very strong heart-tug toward this new Catholic religious order.  Seriously looking into it.  Probably would just join the Oblates due to my age and the location in Talamelo, Italy (though I love the old Italian city, I don't think my knee could handle the many town stairs).  And, God willing, they may expand one day to United States!

 It was interesting to learn that their U.S. mailing address is in Hanceville, AL (location of Mother Angelica's Monastery).  So after some investigation, I learned that Mother Garbrielle Marie, leader  of this new and growing religious order, spent 33 years at Mother Angelica's side!!!  She was called to leave and found the Daughters of the Divine Will in 2011.
"Nun Had Special Relationship with TV Network Founder"

Divine Will Daughters facebook page

Pray for the Divine Will Daughters!