Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Grant Me the Light to See

"Eternal Father,
whose infinite love watches
in wisdom over each day of my life,
grant me the light to see in sorrow as in joy,
in trial as in peace, in uncertainty
as in confidence, the way Your Divine Providence
has marked out for me. Grant me a strong faith
and trust so pleasing to You, and I will walk in darkness
as in light, holding Your hand and finding in all I receive from
Your bounty, "that all things work together for good, for those who love You."
(Prayer taken from a Holy card
of the Poor Clare Nuns
in Cleveland, Ohio)
"I know that I serve a Master who values the will of a sincere heart beyond any talent. My ignorance counts on His knowledge. my poverty on His wealth, my weakness, on his strength. And I know and am perfectly certain that, of all the calculations I could make, the wisest is to abandon myself to Him."
 ~ Father Ernest Lelievre