Friday, March 11, 2016

Flight From the World

From the treatise on Flight from the World
by Saint Ambrose, bishop (CSEL 32, 192. 198-199. 204)

Where a man’s heart is, there is his treasure also. God is not accustomed to refusing a good gift to those who ask for one. Since he is good, and especially to those who are faithful to him, let us hold fast to him with all our soul, our heart, our strength, and so enjoy his light and see his glory and possess the grace of supernatural joy.

Since God is our refuge, God who is in heaven and above the heavens, we must take refuge from this world in that place where there is peace, where there is rest from toil, where we can celebrate the great Sabbath. To rest in the Lord and to see his joy is like a banquet, and full of gladness and tranquillity.

Let us take refuge like deer beside the fountain of waters. What is that fountain? The fountain is God himself.

Byzantine fresco, St. Nicholas Church, Demre, Myra (nowadays Demre), Turkey.