Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fasting - It's Not Just for Lent


One thing I've learned, fasting is not just for Lent.  It is good for body, soul, and especially heart.  This week I even listed it in my Gratitude Journal as something I am thankful for!  Before the holidays I started "intermitant fasting", which is 5 days a week normal eating and two days a week just water and black coffee.

On Tuesday and Thursday I fast and it's easy.  I started out with fasting from 10pm Monday to 12am Wednesday and 10pm Wednesay to 12am Friday.  Tuesday and Thursday at midnight I'd be up and looking for a little snack till breakfast, because my 24 hrs was done.  But this week I'm going past the 24 hours, and continue fasting till 10am the next morning, that gives me two 36 hour fasts, twice a week.  It feels very good, it's a kind of clean out for body, soul and heart.  You can have the benefits of Lent, all year long, and feel so good!

Fasting Archive from Catholic Exchange