Friday, January 1, 2016

Blessed New Year

Fr.  Richard Heilman
Good Catholic New Year Resolutions

1) Put God first in your personal life, your family and your work. Great people always know how to prioritize. We too need to be reminded every day to put God first. With God in the first place, the rest seems to fit together naturally.

2) Put prayer as the most important activity in your daily routine. Living a fast pace life, we try to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Prayer, then, gets put off because it takes discipline and does not come naturally. Don’t we know that a day that is not started with prayer does not go that well? Fight the temptation to put it off till later. Later usually never comes.

3) Practice humility as a child of God. Love God so much that you fear offending Him. This is what “fear of the Lord” really means. And, love what God loves. That means loving your neighbor. Humbly put your neighbor’s happiness and needs ahead of your own. That’s what “children of God” do.

4) Be around holy people who support us, challenge us, and council us on how to be holy. As we see in the Bible, Jesus gathered the apostles, disciples and friends around Him. We’re not meant to be lone rangers. Let’s be humbly open to other’s suggestions and constructive criticism, especially from holy priests and religious.

5) Read the Bible and other spiritual classics written by the saints. We have a great guide to help us on our way to heaven, called the Bible. All we have to do is sit down and open it and read it. We have thousands of older brothers and sisters (the saints) who have gone before us and cleared the path to heaven for us. How do we counter the indoctrination of a godless society unless we also hear “the other side of the story” – THE TRUTH – from the greatest book ever written, and from the greatest lives ever lived?

6) Be consumed by your dire need to “Be in a State of Grace.” Notice how close you feel to God when you are in a state of grace. Notice how happy you are when you are in a state of grace. Notice how open you are to the voice of God when you are in a state of grace. Notice how easily you love when you are in a state of grace. Notice how strong you are in facing the trials of life when you are in a state of grace. And, notice how empty and lost you feel when grace begins to leave you. Go to Confession at least once a month, and right away if you fall to serious sin. A “State of Grace is AWESOME!!”

7) Let Mary Mother You. Begin by praying the rosary everyday as your way of maintaining that maternal bond with Mary. She is the one who crushes the head of the serpent – who protects her dear children from harm. She is the one who dresses up and prepares all of your petitions and presents them to God on your behalf. Keep your mother close to you.