Friday, January 1, 2016

A Novitiate of Eternity

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“...time is a part of eternity; that just as our present moment has a memory behind it and a hope in front of it so, too, time is like one circle that is locked in another circle or, better still, time and eternity are like two hearts carved by lovers on an oak tree as if to give perpetuity to their love. Each new year is actually a testing and proving ground for eternity, a kind of novitiate in which we say "aye" or "nay" to our eternal destiny, a season of plenty from which we shall later on reap either wheat or weeds. A beautiful example of this consciousness of how time is bound up to eternity was revealed when we gave First Communion to a little princess. After the ceremony, when she had received the greetings of friends she said to her mother, "I am ready." Her mother said, "Ready for what?" She said, "Ready for Heaven. I have received Divine Love this morning and why should I go on living? For living is nothing but waiting for Perfect Love." 
 ~ Archbishop Fulton Sheen (On Being Human)