Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Godly Parent

"Having children is a matter of nature; but raising them and educating them in the virtues, is a matter of mind and will."
 ~ Saint John Chrysostom "

Your children will always be sufficiently wealthy if they receive from you a good upbringing that is able to order their moral life and behavior. Thus, strive not to make them rich, but rather to make them pious; masters of their passions; rich in virtues. Teach them not to think up illusory needs, reckoning their worth according to worldly standards. Attentively watch their deeds, their acquaintances and their attachments.."
 ~ Saint John Chrysostom

 "Therefore I beg you to take care for the good upbringing of your children. First of all think of the salvation of their souls. God has placed you as the heads and teachers over your families. It is your duty to watch, and to watch continually after the behavior of your children.."