Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Why I Left Church Militant", written by young intern

Comment from ChurchMilitant.com, regarding following article: "I worked daily in the same room with Miles during his few months here, and was surprised; sorry to read this post. Much of what he's written is untrue, and likely due to pressure to publicly distance himself from the apostolate in order to increase his chances of making it into seminary. It saddens me that he would mischaracterize his time here and the apostolate."  -Christine Niles, ChurchMilitant Staff (on her FB)

From Vorisite to Barronite: Why I Left Church Militant

my comment on Christine Nile's FB post about this article:
Bethie Marie McCarthy He is young, he will probably change again over time. The Church of Nice does not promote a nice and healthy church, it only leads to a weak and unfaithful church. We all must decide what we really want.