Sunday, November 22, 2015

Catholic Intentional Community


Michael Voris of Church has started thinking and talking about forming a new Catholic community on the lines of the Benedict Option.  He hasn't posted any specific details yet, but will be updating soon on his Vortex video talks.

  I lived in an intentional Christian community in Wisconsin for three years in the '90's, and loved it!
We bought up old motels from the '50's and big old houses;turning them into housing for the community members.  It was fun, ( like the big family I always wanted to be a part of), and a very intense time of spiritual growth (living, sharing, serving together like the 1st century Christians).  Since that time, I have returned to my Catholic roots and the true faith,  and I would love to be part of an authentic Catholic community.  I'm hoping and praying Church Militant will take the lead!

"Forming the Resistance"

I wrote this post on Michael Voris' Facebook.  Would like to hear your thoughts email me at:  bethiemccarthy(at) or post a blog post about it ....

Bethie Marie McCarthy Hope this will not be ONLY through internet and online social media! It is time for the Church Militant apostolate to have a physical, visible Community presence. An old apartment building, big house, or hotel in or near Ferndale could be renovated and house 20 to 25 self-supporting members, as a start-up community. "If you build it, they will come!" smile emoticon


Yes, some will always call a religious community some kind of a "cult". They did that to the 1st century Christians, they did that to the community in Wisconsin, and they will probably do that, as well, to an authentic Catholic community formed through So what? Who cares what others think...the secular world is the most dangerous "cult" EVER!

I love this article by Father Z, where he sarcastically reports on the 'disturbing', 'suspicious' things he noticed on his visit to the ChurchMilitant studio and office. (SO funny!)

SECRET WDTPRSNEWS INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Fr. Z with Michael Voris at the Church Militant studio!