Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unborn Lives Matter

I haven't been able to watch the P.P. videos. Just the photos that pop up on FB of tiny bodies ripped apart are more than my heart can take.  I've wept often lately.

 Today the Senate vote which could have put an end to all this horror was denied, and more little babies will be murdered and torn apart, with the consent of career politicians.  This is so unbelievable!  I never knew such evil existed and was possible in our own country!

Please join me in praying this holocaust will soon end.

Update:    8/4  10am     Oh My God, I just saw another picture on FB that caused me to almost pass out!!!  A precious tiny hand being lifted up from a bloody mass of human life viciously destroyed.
This MUST be stopped.  It is unimaginable evil.

"Woe to you if you do not defend Life."  ~ St. John Paul II

Unborn Lives Matter

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes