Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chilean Women Won't Do Abortion

From: FIDES Quaerens Intellectum

Chilean women won’t do abortion, come what may!

"Unlike their American counterparts, women folk in Chile shows guts and character, when they say that they won’t kill their babies even if the baby is an outcome of a rape. The video containing the statements of women expressing their views on abortion was released in Chile. In the video, the video states that that mothers facing difficult pregnancies need compassion and care from society, not abortion.

“I became pregnant after I was sexually assaulted by a stranger, and it was a traumatic experience,” said a woman named Magaly Rios, “I also had a miscarriage, and it was very distressing. So I can imagine the pain these women subject themselves to when they decide to have an abortion. The suffering is for the rest of your life. Your whole life you think about this child who died.”

The character and depth of Chilean women is to be seen in the context of the leaked undercover videos which exposes the malicious acts of Planned Parenthood in the United States. One needs to remember that Planned Parenthood has actually cashed in on the feeble character of US women, who would do an abortion for flimsy reasons!

In the Chilean video, women vehemently condemn violations from sexual violence to workplace discrimination. However, they also reject abortion as a solution to these problems.

“I don’t want to be a rape victim, or lose my job because I’m pregnant, But, I can’t kill a child for those reasons, or for any other. Because it’s my child, and he’s in my womb, I’m first of all the one to take care of him, protect him and respect him, and defend his right to life even if he’s so ill that he won’t live after he’s born. No law can change that.”

At the end , women hold signs that say: “No to sexual violence, discrimination, abuse of women, injustice, lies, and abortion. Both lives have value.”"