Monday, July 13, 2015

Sophia Institute: The Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life, The

Sophia Institute: The Spiritual Life

“Let us believe our Lord Jesus Christ, who calls this rest His peace, a divine peace, which the world can neither give nor take away — a peace that we can never obtain by our own efforts because it is the gift of God and is His reward for the absolute and irrevocable gift of ourselves that we have made to Him.”
Fr. Jean Nicolas Grou, The Spiritual Life

"We found this lost classic among the cherished works that French Catholics risked everything to save when the Church was under attack - in the frenzied days of the French Revolution and its aftermath.
Written by Fr. Jean Nicolas Grou, The Spiritual Life might seem on the face of it an odd choice for the embattled Catholics of France to preserve. After all, it only gives a few small hints here and there of the great crisis that was engulfing France.
Yet preserve it they did."

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