Friday, June 26, 2015

Mission of Joy

I love Denver Catholic's positive approach to today's ruling....

"We here at the Denver Catholic figure that we have two options for how to respond going foward:
Go on the defensive. We've clearly lost the culture war, but we can try to convince the public that our view is the correct one.
Realize that we don't live in a Christian culture, and therefore must engage it as missionaries.
Option one is equivalent to declaring ourselves victims. Option two is to accept the challenge of living as authentic followers of Jesus Christ in a world that has largely forgotten Him.
Jesus Christ is real. We Christians have experienced the sweetness of a personal relationship with Him. Our mission is not to punish or coerce those who have not experienced this—instead, we must invite them into relationship. What better way to do this than to show the joy of living the Catholic faith?
We ask you to join us in the ‪#‎MissionofJoy‬ campaign.
Our goal is to fill social media, and Catholic media especially, with messages of hope and joy, not victimhood and retaliation.
Please consider doing the following:
Take time to reflect on how you, personally, can be a missionary of joy
Create memes, videos, infographics, etc.—wherever your strengths lay—to show the joy of living the Church's teaching, or share ours!
Share your messages through your own social media channels using the hashtag #MissionofJoy

"Let's not respond to this as victims. 

Remember, we are His missionaries. 

We are on a #MissionofJoy"