Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fire in the Bones


The Prophet Jeremiah speaks the Truth to the people of his time,

 but few listen.

Fire in the Bones

Dignity and Worthiness

And it is the duty of every woman to live worthy of such an honorable man, through the grace and mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Pure Heart

"He who hath a pure heart will have the King of Heaven for his friend."
 ~ Proverbs 22:11

Friday, August 29, 2014

Faith, Family and Football

Faith, Family and Football: A Reflection on ‘When the Game Stands Tall’

By Tom Nash

"Watching “When the Game Stands Tall” during its opening weekend took me back to my own youth of playing football at Catholic schools in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Mich."

Traditional Catholic Speed Dating

A little comic relief....

Breaking: Imminent Terror Attack Threat on Southern US Border


Breaking: Imminent Terror Attack Threat on Southern US Border

EWTN's New Shows!


EWTN's New Season Rocks Your Catholic World With10 New Shows

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Saint Augustine

The Greatest Romance

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

God's Patience

Jesus, My Own, My ALL

Jesus I love you, 
treasure of my heart and soul!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

O Good Jesus, Hear Me


SOUL of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Within Thy wounds, hide me.
Separated from Thee let me never be.
From the malignant enemy, defend me.
At the hour of death, call me.
To come to Thee, bid me,
That I may praise Thee in the company
Of Thy Saints, for all eternity.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Advice from Bo

Don't know if this great football coach was Catholic, but this advice is certainly appropriate for those on the journey of following of Jesus Christ! Stay the course. Never give up!
Stay true.

Photo: #GoBlue

Pray for your future spouse

This isn't just for young people.  Many older Catholics never married or made bad choices and are now divorced.  They may have been granted annulments or could be granted one if they applied.  If the first 'marriage' is invalid, there really has not been a Sacramental Marriage yet.  So, Pray... and prepare.  The main goal in marriage is to lead your spouse to heaven!

Why you should pray for your future spouse

Loving Father, if I am called to the sacramental life of matrimony, hear my prayer now for the person who will be my spouse. Be with him/her today and every day. Help him/her through the challenges of becoming an adult and send my support in prayer through any difficulties. In this way, may I genuinely love this person even before we meet. I ask for help ahead of time to be respectful and honourable when we meet and begin a relationship. I ask for help ahead of time to be faithful, supportive, strong, and as loving as I can be when we are married.. Amen

Spiritual Warfare: GO WEAPONS HOT!

 By Fr. Richard Heilman

Spiritual Warfare: GO WEAPONS HOT! - OnePeterFive

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Thank you for visiting this blog today!

 I am blessed by your presence.

Sacredness of Sanctuaries

A Return to ‘Noble Beauty’

Church Renovations Enhance Sacredness of Sanctuaries

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Forming Intentional Disciples


Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell

"Here's a quick ... summary of FID with both the Fr. Barron and Ralph Martin interview videos attached. Not a bad place to direct people who have heard of the book but need a bit more information before they "commit" to reading it."
Sherry Weddell

Friday, August 22, 2014

Queenship of Blessed Virgin Mary Homily

Fr.Anthony of EWTN on the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Father also spoke about Catholic James Foley, who was killed in Iraq by ISIS terrorists this week.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Devotion to the Eucharist


"The devotion to the Eucharist is the most noble, because it has God as its object; it is the most profitable for salvation, because it gives us the Author of Grace; it is the sweetest, because the Lord is Sweetness Itself.."

Pope Saint Pius X

Tribute to Catholic School Teachers

From September 2010, Pope Benedict XVI message to Catholic school teachers.

"Visiting a Catholic school in London on Friday, Pope Benedict said teachers should give their pupils not only marketable skills but also wisdom, which he said was inseparable from knowledge of God. Catholic schools and Catholic religious teachers play an important part in transmitting this wisdom, he said. He also stressed the need to protect pupils from sexual predators.
Following are excerpts from his address to the teachers:

“I am pleased to have this opportunity to pay tribute to the outstanding contribution made by religious men and women in this land to the noble task of education… As you know, the task of a teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator, for “both we and our words are in his hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts”.

“This transcendent dimension of study and teaching was clearly grasped by the monks who contributed so much to the evangelization of these islands … Since the search for God, which lies at the heart of the monastic vocation, requires active engagement with the means by which he makes himself known – his creation and his revealed word – it was only natural that the monastery should have a library and a school. It was the monks’ dedication to learning as the path on which to encounter the Incarnate Word of God that was to lay the foundations of our Western culture and civilization…

“Many of you belong to teaching orders that have carried the light of the Gospel to far-off lands as part of the Church’s great missionary work, and for this too I give thanks and praise to God. Often you laid the foundations of educational provision long before the State assumed a responsibility for this vital service to the individual and to society. As the relative roles of Church and State in the field of education continue to evolve, never forget that religious have a unique contribution to offer to this apostolate, above all through lives consecrated to God and through faithful, loving witness to Christ, the supreme Teacher.”

“Indeed, the presence of religious in Catholic schools is a powerful reminder of the much-discussed Catholic ethos that needs to inform every aspect of school life. This extends far beyond the self-evident requirement that the content of the teaching should always be in conformity with Church doctrine. It means that the life of faith needs to be the driving force behind every activity in the school, so that the Church’s mission may be served effectively, and the young people may discover the joy of entering into Christ’s “being for others”.

“Before I conclude, I wish to add a particular word of appreciation for those whose task it is to ensure that our schools provide a safe environment for children and young people. Our responsibility towards those entrusted to us for their Christian formation demands nothing less. Indeed, the life of faith can only be effectively nurtured when the prevailing atmosphere is one of respectful and affectionate trust. I pray that this may continue to be a hallmark of the Catholic schools in this country.”"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Preferring the Benefit of the other...

Love is...
"Not merely a feeling; it is an act of will
that consists of preferring , in a constant manner,
the benefit of the other over the benefit of oneself."

Becoming Prayer Warriors

Fr. Richard Heilman


"The heroes of our faith are the warrior saints who have gone before us. God worked mightily and miraculously through them. Therefore, we must study their ways. In humility, obedience, and trust (H.O.T.), we ask: How did they remain so well connected, in such strong friendship with God, so that His river of supernatural grace could flow so freely through them? What do these “SEALS for Christ” teach us about the ideal spiritual disciplines, the ultimate daily regimen of prayer?

Prayer is our outstanding supernatural resource for fighting the wiles of the enemy. St. Alphonsus said, “Prayer is, beyond doubt, the most powerful weapon the Lord gives us to conquer evil … but we must really put ourselves into the prayer, it is not enough just to say the words, it must come from the heart. And also prayer needs to be continuous, we must pray no matter what kind of situation we find ourselves in: the warfare we are engaged in is ongoing, so our prayer must be on-going also.”

We are being asked to allow God’s grace to surge through us to a waiting world, but nemo dat quod non habet (no one gives what he does not have). Father McCloskey correctly points out that these seven exceptional habits of prayer are the way of storing up spiritual energy to be used to bring Christ to others. St. Bernadette said: “Do not just be a channel for grace, but a reservoir, an overflowing reservoir. No sooner has a channel received grace than it pours it out. A reservoir waits to be filled up and then offers grace to those who come to draw from its superabundance.”

Fr. Mitch Pacwa Homily 8/20/14, The Good Shepherd

On today's Memorial of St. Bernard, Fr. Pacwa spoke about this Saint, and also discussed today's reading in Ezekiel 34:1-11 about bad shepherds vs. good shepherds, and the ultimate Good Shepherd, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

St. John Eudes (Priest and Founder)


Pope  Leo XII declared him the "father, doctor and apostle of the liturgical cult of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary".

St. John Eudes (Priest and Founder)

I Desire Nothing More

"Take, O Lord, and receive my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding and my whole will. All that I am and all that I possess You have given me: I surrender it all to You to be disposed of according to Your will. Give me only Your love and Your grace; with these I will be rich enough, and will desire nothing more."

Friendship with Christ Jesus

 Friendship with Christ Jesus

Monday, August 18, 2014

The LCWR Doubles Down on Dissent

Very sad story. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by their dissent.

 Pray for them.

The LCWR Doubles Down on Dissent | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views

Secret to Happiness


 Fr. Richard Heilman


"Surveys by Gallup, the National Opinion Research Center and the Pew Organization conclude that spiritually committed people are twice as likely to report being “very happy” than the least religiously committed people. Secular analysts seem to be doing back flips trying to explain away the simple reality that there is no other authentic and fulfilling way to live other than a supernatural life.

St. Paul writes, “The unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned” (1 Cor 2:14). This is the person who acts only by using his or her human faculties (intelligence and will) and who therefore can be wise only in the things of the world. He remains superficial and worldly. This is a heart that has hardened to the presence of God. The prophet Jeremiah writes “Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh, whose heart turns away from the Lord. He is like a barren bush in the desert that enjoys no change of season, but stands in a lava waste, a salt land and empty earth” (Jer 17:5-6).

However, throughout the Bible (e.g., Ps 1, Jer 17, Rev 22) we are told that the blessed ones are those who trust God and His ordinances; they are like trees planted beside streams of water. These trees are full of life (their leaves stay green) and they fulfill their purpose (produce fruit) even in the face of life’s challenges. The spiritual man is the Christian reborn by the grace of God; grace elevates his faculties to enable him to perform actions which have a supernatural value — acts of faith, hope, and charity.

A person who is in the state of grace is able to perceive the things of God, because he carries with him the Spirit in his soul in grace, and he has Christ’s mind, Christ’s attitude. "We have no alternative," St. Josemaria Escriva teaches, "there are only two possible ways of living on this earth: either we live a supernatural life, or we live an animal life. And you and I can only live the life of God, a supernatural life.”"

Back to August!

Back to school week for many students...make it FUN!
Looks like this math teacher is also an artist.

Spiritual Warfare: You Are a Commissioned Officer

 During the Korean War, a wounded soldier is assisted by posthumous Medal of Honor Recipient (and candidate for sainthood) Army chaplain Father Emil Kapaun.

" From the very first days of our membership in the Mystical Body of Christ, we are, in essence, commissioned officers in the Church Militant. In other words, the power of the Holy Spirit to combat evil and rescue souls proceeds precisely through the three offices of Christ: Priest, Prophet, and King."

Spiritual Warfare: You Are a Commissioned Officer - OnePeterFive

By Fr. Richard Heilman

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Peace and Reconciliation Homily - Pope Francis

Pope Francis in South Korea

Pope Francis' last Mass in Korea.

Pope's Homily at Mass for Peace and Reconciliation

"Jesus asks us to believe that forgiveness is the door which leads to reconciliation"

Catholic Happiness!

Be Happy!

 Praying that you are experiencing happiness...the Catholic and true version of eternal happiness!

Never Give Up!
Tenacious, Patient, Undeterred, Faith-filled,  Humble

The Canaanite Woman

 A Homily for the 20th Sunday of the Year by Msgr. Charles Pope

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some Catholics and the Canaanite Woman

 Jesus and the Canaanite Woman

 Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Some Catholics and the Canaanite Woman

Pope: Crisis in family calls on Church for better outreach

 Pope Francis addresses the Korean Bishops' Conference in Seoul, South Korea on August 14, 2014. Credit: Alan Holdren/CNA.

Pope: Crisis in family calls on Church for better outreach :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Spiritual Heights

Fr Richard Heilman


"In the Marine Corps Basic Training, recruits must execute a motivational exercise called the “Confidence Course.” “It’s really a confidence booster,” said Staff Sgt. Roger Taylor, close combat instructor, Instructional Training Company. “Confidence Course II is where the recruits tackle all the high obstacles … Some recruits are terrified of heights, and sometimes, recruits don’t know they are scared of heights until they get up. But we encourage and motivate them to complete the obstacles, and once they do, it’s a great sense of accomplishment, and they leave ready to take on any challenge.”

In the spiritual life, the challenge to climb new heights is always before us. Our willingness to ascend to meet God builds the confidence we need to take on the challenges He will set before those who trust Him." 

“Therefore, let us go forth with confidence toward the throne of grace, so that we may obtain mercy, and find grace, in a helpful time” (Heb 4:16).

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mary, Chosen by God


 "She knew of her own lowliness – not in terms of sinfulness of course, but in her status: a poor, young, uneducated woman living in a patristic society.  Yet she accepted her role in society with great dignity and humility – and she constantly offered her all to God out of love of Him.  She knew of God’s goodness – and of her own goodness."

Mary, Chosen by God

A sense of the sacred: How to recapture it.

A sense of the sacred: How to recapture it.

Fr. Z

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Only Acceptable Rebellion

Surrender and Strength

The Only Acceptable Rebellion : The Integrated Catholic Life™

Obedient Love


Fr.Richard Heilman


" Remember, it was Mary’s ‘fiat’ (‘yes’) that brought the Holy Spirit: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to Thy word” (Lk 1:38). Because Mary submitted, the Holy Spirit came upon her, and she was filled with the life of God. Spiritually speaking, the same thing happens to us once we are ready to set aside our foolish pride and humbly offer our “yes” to God.
 And, just as Mary delivered a Savior into the world, we are called to bring this Divine Life we’ve received to all we encounter.

Obedience In Love (O.I.L.) is what Sacred Scripture refers to as “fear of the Lord” or holy fear. As distinct from servile fear (fear of punishment), holy fear is a fear of disappointing or being separated from the one you love. St. Francis de Sales wrote, “We must fear God out of love, not love Him out of fear.” It is like a son who loves his dad very much and fears disappointing him or damaging the relationship or being separated in any way. St. Paul wrote: “So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him, ‘Abba, Father’’’ (Rom 8:15).

 Why did the Bridegroom say, “I do not know you” (Mt 25:12) to the foolish virgins who did not bother to bring enough oil? They represent those who are stuck in that kind of empty religiosity that avoids the extra effort, the sacrifice that is vital in any real love relationship. Instead, they neglect, take shortcuts, or avoid altogether the greater demands of obedient love. Trapped in spiritual sloth (indifference), there is no holy fear and therefore, they are content to keep God at an impersonal, manageable distance as they remain just a face in the crowd — a pew potato — a bench warmer who is content to be on the team but avoids the effort of getting in the game. “Faith means battles;” said St. Ambrose, “if there are no contests, it is because there are none who desire to contend.”"

El Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage Story


El Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage Story - OnePeterFive

Get Ready to Celebrate the Dormition and Assumption of Mary

 "The Assumption of the Virgin" by Guido Reni

Get Ready to Celebrate the Dormition and Assumption of Mary : The Integrated Catholic Life™

Love Endures All

Photo: "Love that cannot suffer is not worthy of that name." - St. Clare of Assisi 

#Love himself suffered on the #Cross for you. Ask Him and He will give you the #strength to #endure all things for love of Him!

Lamb of God

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Divine Devotion

Help for Those Depressed or Discouraged

From the book, "Praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ"

Law and Morality in Public Discourse: How Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture

"It’s in seeking Jesus Christ with all our hearts that culture is built and society is renewed. It’s in prayer, the sacraments, changing diapers, balancing budgets, preaching homilies, loving a spouse, forgiving and seeking forgiveness—all in the spirit of charity—that, brick by brick, we bring about the kingdom of God. Adapted from an address delivered August 6th at the Archdiocese of Toronto’s “Faith in the Public Square” symposium. "

Law and Morality in Public Discourse: How Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture


The Problem with “Not” Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus


The Problem with “Not” Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mutual Upbuilding

My computer has finally been repaired...after two trips to the shop!  It has been restored to good working order, and will return to its proper home tomorrow morning. No more boring posts with no pictures, typed with one finger on a tiny Nook!

Thanks be to God!

"Let us then pursue what makes for peace and mutual upbuilding."  Romans 14:19

Ten Helps to Grow in Prayer

Ten Helps to Grow in Prayer

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Light Through the Centuries: St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare is my favorite saint! She was shown Truth, and she gladly gave up all earthly desires to follow her teacher and the Eternal Way.

A Light Through the Centuries: St. Clare of Assisi

Boundless Hope

My computer is in the shop for repair, so for a few days I can only share articles I have enjoyed.  Hope they bless your heart!

Boundless Hope

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fr. Mitch Pacwa Homily on Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, "Listen to Him"

 Hear Him.

Listen to Him.

Do whatever He tells you.

Father Mitch Pacwa's Homily "Listen to Him"

The Transfiguration: View from a Mountain


The Transfiguration: View from a Mountain

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mary , Mother of God

"Mary, Mother of God, we salute you. Precious vessel, worthy of the whole world’s reverence, you are an evershining light, the crown of virginity, the symbol of orthodoxy, an indestructible temple, the place that held him whom who place can contain, mother and virgin. Because of you the holy gospels could say: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

We salute you, for in your holy womb he, who is beyond all limitation, was confined. Because of you the holy Trinity is glorified and adored; the cross is called precious and is venerated throughout the world; the heavens exult; the angels and archangels make merry; demons are put to flight; the devil that tempter, is trust down from heaven; the fallen race of man is taken up on high; all creatures possessed by the madness of idolatry have attained knowledge of the truth; believers receive holy baptism; the oil of gladness is poured out; the Church is established throughout the world; pagans are brought to repentance.

What more is there to say? Because of you the light of the only-begotten Son of God has shone upon those who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death; prophets pronounced the word of God; the apostles preached salvation to the Gentiles; the dead are raised to life, and kings rule by the power of the holy Trinity.

Who can put Mary’s high honor into words? She is both mother and virgin. I am overwhelmed by the wonder of this miracle. Of course no one could be prevented from living in the house he had built for himself, yet who would invite mockery by asking his own servant to become his mother?

Behold then the joy of the whole universe. Let the union of God and man in the Son of the Virgin Mary fill us with awe and adoration. Let us fear and worship the undivided Trinity as we sing the praise of the ever-virgin Mary, the holy temple of God, and of God himself, her Son and spotless Bridegroom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen."

-St Cyril of Alexandria

Prayer is the Life of the Soul


 Five W’s of Prayer

Prayer is the Life of the Soul

Church of Mercy

My newest reading material. Found this at the library today on the "New Books" shelf.
Hit the jackpot!

Fr. Pascals's Homily

Father Pascal Mary's homily this morning on the Memorial of The Dedication of The Basilica of Saint Mary Major.

Handshakes, High Fives, Hugs and Kisses: The Sign of Peace, What It Means and Why It Sometimes Doesn’t Work

 Sign of peace 2

No guitars!!! Or clapping, either!

Handshakes, High Fives, Hugs and Kisses: The Sign of Peace, What It Means and Why It Sometimes Doesn’t Work

Vatican aims to stop 'abuse' of the rite of peace during Mass

Vatican aims to stop 'abuse' of the rite of peace during Mass - Living Faith - Home & Family - News - Catholic Online

Monday, August 4, 2014

Catholic Books, Books, Books

Great Catholic Book Sale Here from Ignatius Press!

I want them all!

Homily on St. John Vianney

EWTN's Fr. Anthony Mary gave today's homily on the Memorial of St. John Vianney.

 Remember to pray for your Parish Priests.

A Day Provided for the Salvation of Our Soul


" The practice of keeping the Sabbath holy, which is simply our obedient response to God’s command, must be recovered if we are to regain our spiritual footing. Put simply, man needs Sunday. In the Gospel of Saint Mark Our Lord teaches that the “Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” (Mk 2:27). While most Catholics understand the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday, the additional call for rest is often forgotten or misunderstood...."

A Day Provided for the Salvation of Our Soul - OnePeterFive